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Wine charms-Gift box with USA design

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A box-set of 4 stunning, colorful wine-charms, makes a unique way for your guests to identify their wine glasses in a crowd. The wine charms are made of rhombus antiqued metal filigrees, and faux stones embedded with feather USA art. Two sparkly, colorful crystals, are set on the charm, and together with the image, are used to identify one’s wine glass. Charms are fragile! Do not bend or use any force. Each charm has a sticky putty on it’s back and it will stick safely onto your wine glass. Remove the plastic that protects the putty and push the middle of the charm gently onto the (dry)glass with your thumb, When not in use, Keep it in an airtight bag to avoid dust or anything sticking to it and blocking it’s stickiness. If that happens, rub it gently with your thumb in one direction to expose clean putty. Occasionally clean the putty with soapy water using your finger, and let it air dry.,

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